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Tax Credits Made Easy

Finding You the Best Tax Credit Companies for Your R&D or ERC Tax Credits

Open Advisor compares tax credit companies and gives you personalized recommendations with a negotiated rate through a reputable firm.


Think of us as your tax credit matchmaker. 


From filing for the R&D tax credit to ERC or ERC advance loans, Open Advisor vets every company out there, negotiates rates for your benefit, and saves you hours of persistent sales calls.

Our Tax Credit Services

Open Advisor provides unbiased recommendations to businesses who need a trustworthy partner to help them claim their federal and state government tax credits

Research and Development Tax Credit

If your company researches new products, formulas, techniques, and even software, you may be able to reduce your income or payroll tax liability by claiming the R&D tax credit

Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

If your company was affected operationally by a shutdown from the Covid-19 pandemic or lost revenue, you may be eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC or ERC) 

Preventative Care Management Program

Save on your payroll taxes and offer additional wellness benefits to your employees with the new PCMP program.

Turn Your Research Expenses into
Tax Relief

Does your company pay for research and development costs? If you spend money on equipment, payroll, or even utilities that contribute to your R&D costs, you're most likely eligible for the R&D tax credit.

If your business is spending money to research or develop a new:


Then you could get R&D credits that help you reduce your income tax liability. If you're a new or small company, you may be able to reduce your payroll tax liability by up to $500,000.

The complexity of the R&D tax credit can make it difficult to compare companies. Open Advisor compares all the top companies in one place and gets you the lowest rate available.

  • Formula

  • Software

  • Invention

  • Process

  • Product

  • Technique

Up to $26k per employee in ERC credits

The Employee Retention Tax Credit was established as a part of the CARES ACT to provide fully refundable payroll tax credits to aid employers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your business is likely eligible if any of the below are true:

  • Negative revenue impact

  • No negative revenue impact in 2020 or 2021 but was impacted by a government shutdown operationally

  • Cannabis businesses may qualify

  • Even if you received PPP, you might qualify

Open Advisor helps you to maximize the amount of your credit by pairing you with tax professionals who know how to handle your specific tax circumstances

Compare rates from ERC advance loan providers

Claiming the ERC can be simple, but it may take up to a year to get your credit from the IRS. An ERC advance loan helps businesses borrow cash against their incoming ERC credit.

Getting an ERC advance loan can get you the cash up front, but finding a trustworthy lender, navigating different rates, and negotiating the best deal can be a complex and time-consuming process.


Open Advisor helps companies compare rates for an ERC advance loan from many lenders, helping you save time and money. Here's what Open Advisor can do for your company:

  • Compare 14+ Rates at Once: Forget spending hours researching and contacting individual lenders. We compile the best offers in one place, saving you hours of research. 

  • Trustworthy Partners: Our network consists only of carefully vetted lenders that ensures you aren't getting a loan from a scammer

  • Exclusive Preferred Rates: Through Open Advisor, you can access rates that are negotiated lower than those found elsewhere. We work directly with lenders to get you the best possible deal.


How Open Advisor Works

Everybody is excited to claim the tax credits that they deserve. But don't let that excitement rush your judgment. Choosing the right partner can mean a big difference in your return - and your peace of mind. The Open Advisor process is the free guide you need to safely and simply claim the tax credit you deserve.

Let's get acquainted

Take our ERC quiz or request an R&D credit quote and give us a few basic pieces of information about your company, like your website or estimated number of employees. For an ERC advance loan, it's even quicker.

We find a solution for your company

We take the information you enter and consider your specific circumstances and preferences.


Our analysis takes into account what your company needs based on factors like company size or your industry.  

Not all tax credit companies are the same

Based on your info we'll present you with personalized options to choose from our network of vetted tax credit firms. 

Analyzing reputable options in one place can save you thousands of dollars and avoid trouble down the road.

Get the Open Advisor rate

We've negotiated rates on your behalf and will make intros directly to decision makers at tax credit firms. Talk to us further about your specific circumstances and options, and compare your options with an Open Advisor expert. 

Over $100 Million in Tax Credits Claimed

Our team has helped our customers claim over $100,000,000 worth of tax credits. We have assisted businesses in a variety of industries including:

Technology Startups

Manufacturing Companies

Country Clubs



Gyms and Fitness Studios

The Best Tax Prep Partners in the Industry

Trusting a tax credit company is like handing over the keys to your car - you don't want to give this responsibility to somebody who's never done this before.


When you compare with Open Advisor, you're looking at the top companies in the industry - no scams or get rich quick schemes. We have first hand experience working with every company we recommend to you so there are no surprises.

Get your best possible tax credit partner for free with Open Advisor

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